Why Wisla?

Wisła is a popular mountain resort, a paradise for skiers and outdoor activities. Its location, climate and scenic beauties encourage people to relax both in winter and other seasons. Spring-Summer season attracts mainly hikers and biking on the paths. We have approximately 100km bike ane hike roads. Season Fall-Winter belongs to skiers who are willing to indulge in his hobby well prepared, mostly illuminated, ski trails.
Scenic area
"Pearl of the Beskid Mountains" is located in the southern part of the Polish, Silesian Beskid Moutains in the center of which is part of the Western Carpathans, near the border with Czech Republic and Republic of Slovakia. City is spread over a number of valleys.
Almost every side is surrounded by forests and mountains, creating a unique panorama. Walking through the valley of Czarna Wiselka to Barania Mountain - the highest peak of polish part of Cieszyn Silesia is strongly recomended. At the top of the mountain you will find a tower from which you can admire the panorama of Silesian Beskid. On the slopes of the peak longest Polish river Wisla, has its source. Another very intresting attraction of the landscape is a true miracle of nature in the form of a waterfall called Rodla Cascades, It is a team of sixteen natural thresholds of water height from 0.5m to 5m. Scenic surroundings complement the other four municipalities included in the Beskid Five. Each is characterized by different specifics and offers a different kind of positive energy. Wisla is power source, Brenna is peace force, Istebna is force of tradition, Szczyrk is energy force and Ustron is health force.
Rich traditions
The traditions of the region are firmly rooted in the early days of the Vistula River, which is the turn of the XVI and XVII century. It was in this period the first colonization of settlers. The main areas of live, culture and creativity of the Silesian Beskid Highlanders of that period were such activities as: weaving, woodworking,
herding, carpentry, metalwork and processing wool and flax. The local highlander generations have above-average skills, which manifest themselves in surviving to the present day the exhibits located in House of John Kocyan Creative Work, an acclaimed folk artist. There you can admire an exhibition of his sculptires and ancient utensils, iron pots, butter molds, wooden spoons, skimmers, carpentry tools. There are also exhibitions of works by local sculptors, painters, embroideres, lace makers. The preservation of folk rituals and tratitions of the local care also numerous bands, preforming songs of the region, pastoral or convival.
Vast area
High demand for ski jumping, wich cotributed greatly resident of Wisla - Adam Malysz, caused that one of the most popular tourist attractions of Wisla is certainly completely modernized in 2008, Ski Jump Wisla. Wisla is also a residence of Ski Museum,
where visitors may find a large collection of ski equipment. Malysz fans should be also interested in his spor trophys gallery. Other interesting places tourist should visit are: Castle - Residence of the President of Poland and Beskid Museum. Very interesting event which takes part every year is Week of Beskid Culture. More informations about events and highlights you may find here www.wisla.pl. Extended tourist infrastructure makes Wisla perfect place for outdoor lovers. Here you will find perfect conditions for hiking, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, skiing, riding, swimming, tennis or even extreme sports.

Our apartment

The apartment is located on a high slope in the center of the Wisla City. The intimate nature of the object makes it a quiet and peaceful place, ideal even for rest and relaxation. Attractive location close to major transport links provide easy access and seamless communication of the nearby ski resorts and other attractive locations occuring in the neighbourhood of this modern residental complex.

For rent is duplex, spacious apartment located on the 3rd floor. The sleeping area is located upstairs (two single beds which can be connected and a sofa bed). In the living room there is an additional sofa bed. The windows on both the mezzanine as well as from the living room extends the best in the whole building view. In addition, fresh mountain air can be taken from the balcony the entrance to which is located in the living room. The apartment is ideal as a base for couples, married couples, marriend couples witch children or groups of friends (up to six people)!

Square space:
51,65 m2
Number of persons:
Lounge with kitchen, bathroom, hallway, bedroom on the mezzanine
Apartment 407
Apartment 407
View from the apartment window
View from the apartment window
View of the building
View of the building


Given prices has only informating value and will be determined individually with customer. Prices are negotiable. Every customer will be charged with 100 PLN service fee (one-time fee).
  • 1 season
    2 september - 10 december
    1 march - 31 may
  • 2 season
    20-26 december
    2-9 january
    1 july-31 august
  • 3 season
    10 january - 28 february
  • 4 season
    27 december - 2 january
  • > 14 days
    in the case of
    a larger number of


If You are looking for a place where you can spend time, relax, ensure family attractions or simply enjoy the surroundings - Wisla is the perfect choice, and our Apartment 407 will make you want to come back constantly. If you are intrested in booking the apartment in the chosen time write to us by completeing the form below, and certainly we will contact you to arrange all the details of your stay.


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